An extensive Phase 3 clinical trial programme

DUPIXENT was studied in six Phase 3 clinical trials, in adults with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis (AD) including more than 2,400 adult patients worldwide, both as a monotherapy and with TCS for up to 52 weeks1

DUPIXENT was studied as a monotherapy, in 251 adolescents  with moderate-to-severe AD inadequately controlled with topical treatment for up to 16 weeks 2,3

DUPIXENT was studied with TCS in 367 children with severe AD for up to 16 weeks compared to placebo with TCS 4

DUPIXENT has a long-term safety and tolerability profile investigated up to 3 years in clinical trials in adults, which is consistent with the safety profile in adolescents and children.1


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Safety Profile

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Overview of AD

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    AD atopic dermatitis; TCS, topical corticosteroids.


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