The MyWay programme gives patients additional support when taking DUPIXENT

The range of services provided are entirely optional and aim to provide assistance to healthcare teams managing the treatment of patients through:



Registration for
home delivery



Homecare nurse visits to train patients on self-administration



Support calls and
quarterly reviews



Reminders for injections,
deliveries and nurse visits

Other features

Digital starter kits for adults, adolescents and children, to provide them with the correct tools so they can start their DUPIXENT journey.

These include:

Patient information guides

QR codes to access the on-the-go microsites

Virtual reality (VR) glasses

Comics and wallcharts

Parent or carer information guide

Immune micropilots game

EZTrack for Atopic Dermatitis is a free mobile app allowing patients to monitor, track, and manage their AD.

Create photo libraries which track the evolution of lesions over time

Tips and advice on AD and its management

DLQI and POEM assessments to help log itchiness severity, sleep disturbance and potential triggers

Develop report summaries to help navigate productive conversations

Learn more about the Patient Support Programme

Overview of AD

Find out more about how AD has a continuous inflamation cycle.

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Request a representative call

Have aquestion about DUPIXENT?
Get answers from a representative.

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Learn more about how to administer DUPIXENT.

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    AD, atopic dermatitis; γC, gamma C subunit; IL, interleukin; IL-4Rα; Interleukin 4 receptor alpha;  IL-13Rα1, interleukin 13 receptor alpha 1;  ILC,  innate lymphoid cells;  JAK, Janus kinase; 
    T-helper cells;  TYK2, tyrosine kinase 2.


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